Recreation Management Software

Get organized fast! recreation management software helps departments operate more efficiently with tools like online registration, leading to savings in service delivery, operations, and business planning. These savings allow you to do more with fewer resources, freeing up more resources to enhance services offered.

System Highlights

  • Completely web-based
  • Free demo site access
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Online registration included
  • Custom domain for easy public access
  • Software and website auto-sync
  • Customizable announcements
  • Personalized support

Increased Benefits

  • Provide online registration
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase program revenues
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Deliver on your mission
  • Develop long term stability
  • Generate income from your site
  • Communicate with your registrants
  • Offer real-time program information

Fewer Worries

  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Upgrades are free and automatic
  • Low upfront setup costs
  • Unlimited workstations
  • Web-based remote access
  • 24/7 online registration
  • Secure data transmission

We'll Take Care of the Tech

You and your department have enough to do to meet your community mandate without worrying about servers, software installation, and version updates. allows you to leverage the power of the internet to provide your staff with automation tools to deliver the highest level of service to your community.

Online Registration

Where the public registers themselves.

Increased Registration

The online registration system is set up to encourage your customers to locate information and register online. We assist you in the setup of your own merchant account so you can claim the best rate for your goals.

Lower rates mean increased registrations by your public. When convenience fees need to be charged, under 10% of registrations occur online. Without them, your rate of online registration can exceed 50%. This means you spend less time taking registrations and more time running your programs.

A Few More Details

  • Our departments can average 61% in online registrations.
  • Opening week averages 85% online registration.
  • Your public can register online anytime.
  • Credit card payments can also be taken at the office.
  • All online transactions are tracked within the system.
  • Your department name will appear on credit card statements.
  • Receipts are emailed automatically for all registrations.
  • Revenue is deposited directly into your account.
  • Many merchant setup options are available.

Feature Summary

From registrations to reservations, you're covered.

  • Accounts

    • Account Creation and Management
    • Public Age and Residency Edit Restrictions
    • Existing Account Check
    • Password Reset Utility
    • Merge Account and Merge Member Utilities
    • Public View of Balances, Financial Statement, Tax Deductible Items, Activity Calendar
    • Yearly Public Prompt to Update Information
    • Account Message Utility
    • Search Account and Member Utilities
  • Programs

    • Online Registration
    • Program & Activity Creation and Management with Age, Gender, and Grade Restrictions
    • Wait Lists and Seat Caps
    • Sponsorship/Donation Style Activities
    • Team Management and Coach Assignment
    • Public Instructor Access to Rosters, Email Addresses, Team Management, etc.
    • Team Sport Standings, Scores, and Schedules
    • Automated Age, Grade, Date, Sibling, Multiple Activity, and Promo Code Fees/Discounts
    • Scheduling Conflict Detection
    • Expense Assignments
    • Customized Questions and Disclaimers
    • Registration Cancel and Transfer Utilities
    • Bulk Credit Utility for Canceled Days
    • Cart Hold Report
    • Basic and Advanced Rosters
    • Sign In and Attendance Sheets
    • Seat Count Reports
    • After School & Camp Setups
    • Recurring Payments
  • Facilities

    • Facility Creation and Management
    • Public Reservation Requests Tool
    • Facility Reservations with Conflict Check
    • Facility Availability and Activity Calendars
    • Maintenance Reports
    • Restriction Groups for Adjustable Facilities
  • Memberships

    • Customizable Lengths & Types
    • Recurring Payments
    • Simple Checkout & Renewal
    • Visit Tracking
    • Custom Key Fobs & Cards
    • Photo & Info on Scan
    • Staff-less Scanning Options
  • Point of Sale

    • Virtual Cash Register
    • Gift Certificates
    • Ticket Sales
    • Account-less Purchases
    • Quick Keys for Easy Access
    • Public Product Store
  • Finance

    • Staff Payment Types: Credit Card, Credit Card Swipe, Check, Cash, ACH, Account Credit
    • Public Payment Types: Credit Card, Registration Form (for Cash/Checks)
    • Budget Group Disbursements and Reports
    • Close Out Income Summary Report with Transaction Summary by Payment Type
    • Program Income and Sales Reports
    • Account Credits and Adjustment History
    • Balance Due Reports
    • SSL Security and PCI Compliance
  • Website

    • Home Page Customization
    • Alerts and Announcements
    • Real Time Updates (no double data entry)
    • Meetings & Minutes Page
    • Policies and Forms Pages
    • Photo Gallery
    • Affiliated Programs
    • News Contact Page
    • Sponsors Area
  • Special Features

    • Available Features List
    • Overview Dashboard (graphical statistics)
    • System Updates and Notices
    • Think Tank (have a say in new features)
    • Visitor Analytics
    • Design Upgrade with Custom Colors
    • Customized Receipt and Roster Banner
    • Personalized Customer Service
    • Initial Data Entry
    • Unique Domain

Software Fees

Built to support small departments.

Level Annual Revenue Minimum Annual Revenue Maximum Annual Fee
1* $0.00 $50,000 $2,895
2 $50,001 $100,000 $3,295
3 $100,001 $200,001 $3,595
4 $200,001 $300,000 $3,995
5+ Level 4 + $195 for each $100,000 over $300,000 Variable

* Doing less than $25,000 in revenue? Ask us about our small department fees.

Included Features

  • Web-based management suite
  • Training & Initial data entry
  • Unlimited users with remote access
  • Public-facing website
  • Online registration
  • Training & support
  • Program management
  • Facility reservations
  • Memberships with card scanning
  • Financial reporting
  • Team management
  • Bulk email & text communications
  • After school/camp programming
  • Point of sale management
  • Unique domain
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • and more!

Credit Card Options integrates with several merchant providers. The preferred provider is GovtPortal (an Payments setup), which has approximate credit card fees of 3%.

  • with Priority Payments*
  • Interware
  • Municipay
  • UniPay/FastPay
  • PayGov

*Required for recurring payments.

One-Time Setup

Totally Optional

  • Custom site design: $500

We'll build a custom banner, color set, and background theme just for you.



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About MyRec

Founded in 2001 and based in VT, is dedicated to providing the tools to manage recreation departments from registrations to rosters.

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The Team

Recreation Software Basics offers a fully-featured, web-based, recreation management software that is both easy-to-use and growing to meet new needs as they arise. We support everything from basic program entry to complex activities with daily, weekly, or monthly online registrations and more.

This budget-friendly software can help reduce your paperwork and increase office efficiency by offering your public a wide range of information at their fingertips. From activity entry to team management and analytics to detailed financial reports, we can simplify your workload to a single management system that automatically updates your online presence at your unique domain.

Something for You - Something for Them

Your public will be able to quickly locate information on recreation programs, team sports schedules, announcements, facilities, meetings, and much more all on their own. You'll be able to manage programs, team sports, rosters, online registration, facilityscheduling, and more without the use of spreadsheets.

All of this ties in with your website in real time. Our date sensitive entry system will automatically remove "out of date" activities from your recreation website and place them in an archived area so you can bring them back next year (or season).


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