About MyRec.com

From Ian Woulfe, CEO of MyRec.com

MyRec.com is an independent Recreation Management Software company. What that means to you is this: you are our first and foremost responsibility. We execute this in several different ways, primarily investing in a strong team, incorporating ideas from clients, and providing the best customer service in the business. 

We listen to the communities that choose to join our MyRec Family to help us develop software that not only makes registration for your members easier, but the management of your services easier. The software we are today has in a large part been built with the help of ideas and suggestions from our users.

If you do ever need help, we have an experienced Support Team that is available. Like, you can call and talk to them – and not get a number! Many of our staff have worked in recreation, and know the ins and outs of running a recreation department first-hand.  Be it running a community center, managing a summer camp, or renting out a gazebo, the team here at MyRec.com is ready to help. 

If you have any second thoughts before choosing to use MyRec.com as your recreation management software, call us! Talk to our experienced sales team, or even call our support line and ask a few questions. We’d love to hear from you!